Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services at Affordable Prices

Regular tile & grout cleaning services are necessary additions to your property maintenance. Over time, walls and floors lose their luster and shine. And mopping and scrubbing will not be enough to restore the surfaces to their previous state. If you are in The Bronx, NY and would like to hire a reliable cleaner who excels in grout cleaning, you should turn to J & H Cleaning Company.

Grout is porous and absorbs debris and dirt, so methods such as mopping, scrubbing, or wiping will only remove the surface soil and not the embedded grime. Eventually, mold will built-up on the tile surface, and this will affect its appearance. Not only that, but this health irritant will create unsanitary surfaces that cultivate bacteria, germs, and fungus. Do not forget about your tiles when planning your weekly cleaning!

Frequent tile and grout cleaning services provide deep cleaning that ensures stellar results. Our technicians use specific solutions and special equipment to penetrate the surface of your tiles. They know which procedures are safe to perform on your tile. They have experience cleaning different materials, including porcelain, natural stone, and more.

We at J & H Cleaning Company are well-prepared and equipped to restore your properties’ aesthetics and function with professional tile & grout cleaning services. We use time-tested techniques and pride ourselves on the meticulous work we do for clients. We can disinfect any tiled surface in your home or business, killing all germs and bacteria.

Dedicated to getting the job done right at all times, make our technicians in The Bronx, NY your go-to provider for professional services. Call (917) 920-2208 now to schedule an appointment!

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