Our Commercial Disinfection Service Will Meet Your Expectations

Making sure that your place of business is clean and properly disinfected is always a worthwhile investment. Here at J & H Cleaning Company, we offer high-quality commercial disinfection services at fair and competitive rates. Our company works with businesses throughout The Bronx, NY and delivers impeccable results through dedicated workmanship and attention to detail.

Keep Your Place of Business Spotless

Regular cleaning can keep your place of business looking professional, but why is commercial disinfection also necessary? Even if the floors have been swept and the surfaces dusted, the bacteria, viruses, and other types of contaminants are still present on those surfaces. It only takes a touch for someone to get infected and carry these dangerous contaminants further. By having all the commonly-used areas of your commercial establishment professionally disinfected, you can safeguard your health and that of your employees and clients.

Commercial Disinfection Specialists

We Focus on the Details

At J & H Cleaning Company, we place safety first and make sure that our professionals are wearing the right protective gear for the work at hand. The areas that need to be disinfected most often are the bathrooms and kitchens, offices, front desks, floors, and all surfaces such as desks, countertops, faucets, doorknobs, and more. Our team handles these tasks with an efficient plan and makes sure that the work is done with absolute attention to detail. We use high-quality cleaning products that are capable of destroying a wide range of bacteria and viruses from all surfaces. Rely on us for timely and effective results. Our services can help protect your employees from the spread of dangerous diseases, improve morale, and ensure a safer workplace.

If you’re interested in our commercial disinfection services, be sure to set up an appointment with J & H Cleaning Company at your earliest convenience. Rely on our dependable team to help keep your workplace in The Bronx, NY clean and healthy. Reach out to us today at (917) 920-2208!