Dependable School Cleaning Services at Your Disposal

When parents are looking to send their kids to a suitable school, you will be surprised how many of them take note of the cleanliness of the building. A clean environment can make all the difference to pupils and staff. J & H Cleaning Company provides impeccable school cleaning solutions for the community in The Bronx, NY.

Our experienced and professional janitors are available for standard and deep cleaning rosters. We help our clients create a particular checklist for their school or university. Our customers need to know that our professional staff cleans and disinfects all educational structures, such as primary and secondary schools, universities, colleges, and private schools, along with their adjoining dormitories. We have the trained cleaning personnel and all the advanced tools and machines to deep clean commercial carpets, upholstery, hard floors, tile surfaces, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us for your personalized cleaning program, and be sure that our experts will work with you to keep your facility sparkling clean.

It is the responsibility of every principal to choose the right cleaning company. Our team of experienced janitors works relentlessly to attain all your goals for impeccable cleanliness, shine, and hygiene for your school. Our exceptional school cleaning services offer a wide variety of options, including regular dusting, vacuuming, mopping, fogging disinfection, and even COVID disinfection & prevention. Ask our expert staff about your preferred option, and we can recommend the perfect action plan. Our cleaning services will make your educational facility more welcoming and healthier for all your students, staff, and outsider visitors.

Do you wish to learn more about our company and working methods? Then, give J & H Cleaning Company a call at (917) 963-4193. We supply all the products, tools, and equipment for every job. Contact our specialists in The Bronx, NY today.

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