Excellent ULV Fogger Disinfection Services

Do you have a large commercial facility that requires disinfection, decontamination, sterilization, or reducing airborne particles? Perhaps you want to deodorize it quickly? If that’s the case, ULV fogger disinfection is the way to go. A company that has the right set of tools, equipment, and training is the answer. We are J & H Cleaning Company, and we provide our clients with fogger disinfection services. We are conveniently based in The Bronx, NY.

We have specialists that are fully equipped and trained with the highest possible quality fogging equipment to handle the needs of our customers. Our foggers are a great option for fogging large commercial facilities quickly and precisely. They are well suited for electronics and sensitive areas. If you are looking for a cost-effective, green-friendly, and efficient commercial fogging service, our company is the one you should choose for the job. We understand that shutting the doors of your business for an extended time is more than lost profits and production. It costs your market share and surely impacts your employees, their communities, and families. Our commercial fogging services have the solution to get you back in business quickly.

ULV Fogger Disinfection

ULV fogging stands for ultra-low volume. However, this should never fool you. It references the size of the droplet that’s produced, not the volume of liquid. Droplet sizes are measured in microns and range from 5 to 120. This depends on the fogger. A blower and a pump are used in combination to atomize the liquid. It’s later pushed in the air. The smaller the droplet is, and the more liquid experts push, the more coverage they will get. We are equipped with a wide range of ULV foggers for timed-release applications and industrial units that are specifically designed to fill large warehouses and other facilities fast.

Are you looking for a professional ULV fogger disinfection service in The Bronx, NY? J & H Cleaning Company is the company you should choose for the job. Pick up the phone and contact us at (917) 963-4193 today!

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