Make Use of Our Professional Residential Disinfecting Services

Who can deny that we live in extremely dangerous times considering the current pandemic? But do not stress, we provide residential disinfecting services. Get in touch with J & H Cleaning Company to ask your questions or read the information below. We operate in the The Bronx, NY region.

After we confirm all the details and receive your checklist, we will get on with cleaning and sanitizing your floors, steps, railings, countertops, appliances, and other surfaces. Complying with the existing safety standards, our cleaners will use the right disinfectants and other products to eliminate germs and disease-causing bacteria around your property. Our sanitizing processes are safe and effective. They are also powerful enough to destroy 99% of germs and viruses around the home. When you are in the need of a deep clean and disinfection, we are the professional cleaning technicians that will clean and sanitize your home from top to bottom. Removing stains and reducing microorganisms that can harm your health is a complicated task, so we will treat your carpets, upholstery, hard floor surfaces, windows, and furniture with special cleaning products that help us to produce excellent results.

Residential Disinfecting Experts

If you schedule our professional residential disinfecting services regularly, you will see how neat and tidy your living place can be. To breathe healthier air and improve your overall quality of life, call our experts today. Whether you dwell in a new or old home, the risk of exposure to dust, allergens, and viruses, along with other pathogens is real. A thorough, professional cleaning service is an important factor in keeping the air you breathe fresh, clean, and healthy. We clean residential settings in The Bronx, NY with extreme caution while transforming your investment into a spic-and-span living space.

Contact J & H Cleaning Company at (917) 963-4193. Our specialists have been trained in specific disinfection and sanitation cleaning procedures. Let’s talk about your expectations today.

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