The Right Janitorial Cleaning Specialists to Clean Your Bank

We know that hiring a cleaning contractor for a financial facility is tricky. When you hired your bank personnel, you did the background check yourself. When you hire a cleaning crew, you will only know about the cleaning company. You might have heard about J & H Cleaning Company since we have been providing janitorial cleaning services since 2010. Bank cleaning in The Bronx, NY and the surrounding areas is not new to us. You can entrust the cleaning of your bank to us because of the following reasons.

We Follow Protocol

As much as we have our own cleaning protocol, we see to it that our cleaners follow the protocol in your bank. If they can only clean at a specific time, then that’s the only time that they will come in. You will be able to identify our staff because we will communicate with your security who will be sending it. We see to it these people will be taking the shift all the time. In case there is a need for us to send a new cleaner, we will inform your security personnel ahead of time.

Janitorial Cleaning

High Cleaning Standards

Money is one of the things that carry a lot of bacteria. This means contamination on the surface is likely. Our cleaning specialists are trained to follow a high cleaning standard. They will not only remove dirt that is seen but those that are not seen by the naked eye. They are equipped with the right tools and products to do this efficiently. Rest assured that all our cleaning products and disinfectants are tested that they are safe on any type of surfaces.

Impressive Appearance

Your clients might only come and go but it does not mean they do not notice full garbage bins, dusty computers, dirty ATMs, and teller stations. This is something that we will take care of. The moment your bank personnel arrives, they will be welcomed to a clean and disinfected working area. Your clients will be impressed with how clean the surrounding is.

You will get all these if you come to J & H Cleaning Company. By hiring our janitorial cleaning services, you can be assured that your bank in The Bronx, NY is spic and span all the time. Call us right away at (917) 920-2208.